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The Stone Souls is a sonic road trip which leads you along raw canyons and silent streams. Behind the wheel are the soulful singer Lina Kuipers and master of riffage Theodor Versteegen. They bring you slide guitars, mariachi trumpets, cinematic passages and heartfelt stories about oddballs and dreamers. The Stone Souls is a two-faced band: either a stomping formation that mixes roots and stoner rock or a subtle duo consisting of just Theodor and Lina. But it’s always the sound from the meadows of Old-Zevenaar (NL).
The Same is a sympathetic Folk Pop band from The Netherlands (Doetinchem). With a healthy DIY mentality they launched their debut album 'Some Perfect Sense' in 2021. The resulting single 'Marylou' generated a lot of airplay on Radio Gelderland and a recording contract with TJamp Records. With us they worked on their new EP 'Discover' which will be released in July 2022.
Their music originated from a love for songwriters from the seventies. Cheerful, catchy songs with a melancholic twist.
Songwriter, singer, warm, bohemian, full of dreams, flautist, involved, storyteller, seeker, explorer, soul chick, rock lady, in love with the 'Wadden' and Volkswagen buses, mother and unabashedly herself: that's Esther!
Her first album Promises To Go was released in May 2021. It became a collection of intense, narrative songs, with musical inspiration from jazz, soul and world music and of course also a role for the flute!

Triple-R is a power trio of young musicians studying at the ArtEZ Conservatory in Arnhem. Despite their different backgrounds they share the same passion and vision when it comes to making music.
They bring a heavy and groovy mix of instrumental Rock and Jazz with a touch of Hiphop which results in a new, incomparable sound: Fusion reinvented!

Wies and Hugo met in 2018. They asked Dale to join them and started jamming and writing. A year later they recorded their first EP 'Levels'.
Being one of Europe’s most innovative Hammond organists, Carlo de Wijs is creating the so-called “New Hammond Sound”. The New Hammond Sound Project is a collaboration with the incredible drummer Jordi Geuens (Selah Sue, Postmen a.o.) and video artist Job van Neunen. With this project a customized Modular Hammond, Hybrid Drums and Interactive Visuals all come together.
Is New Hammond Sound a kind of urban doom jazz trance? Just listen and decide for yourself.

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